Njideka Ozoalor

“Anybody can conduct polls on social media and deliberately remove one candidate because of one issue or another.”
These were the words of the Presidential Hopeful of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo when quizzed on his reactions to the polls made on social media to evaluate the chances of each Parties at the 2023 General Elections.
“Our Party do not feature on mundane things but on issue- based campaigns. In Nigeria, we are used to seeing paid crowds appearing for campaigns but we always connect well with the citizens that is why they warm up to us without financial cohesion.

“Some of the questions asked on social media are not phrased to address the issues on ground.” He said.

He also added that the guidelines provided by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) states that no Candidate should spend more than five billion Naira but we see politicians breaking it with impunity.
“Most of the elaborate campaigns are done with stupendous amount of money that without a doubt was not gotten legally and most of those campaigns do not discuss issues and how they affect the populace.” He enthused.
“In the SDP, we believe that the Party belongs to the citizens and we try to inspire voters to understand issues like budget balancing, security, housing and education etc.

“That is why we are very confident that we will win the elections because we empower the citizens to collect the Permanent Voter Cards(PVCs) and also let them know the issues that should influence their choice of candidates.”


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