By Njideka Ozoalor

The Presidential Flagbearer of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adebayo says that for alliances or mergers between political parties to work, the parties involved must have a common goal which is to fix the issues bedeviling the Nation.

He said this while responding to journalists on if he or his Party will align with another political party in order to deliver his ideas.

He said that the country is not running a Parliamentary System of Government where you can have a Prime Minister who also has an influence on the decision making process. This therefore makes the President a god.

“There is a difference between coalition to fix the country’s problems and a conspiracy to grab power.
What we saw in 2015 was the coming together of people who didn’t like each other or care about the plight of the country to grab political power.” He said.

“I don’t want to be a part of people who just want to get power at all costs. Because of the constitutional powers that abound with the President, you might end up aligning only to become a Minister who will be lying to cover the many poor policies of your boss as is evident in the current administration.”
“If there has to be a merger, it Mut be based on principles and not lust for power because I believe that the only reason for going into government is to make changes.
All the parties involved must be on the same page for the merger to work.” He added.

He maintained that the SDP is on course for a landmark victory and will deliver its mandate of making the country safe again.


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