By Maryam Aminu

The Conservator-General of National Park Service, Dr. Ibrahim Goni felicitates with Nigerians on the occasion of Christmas celebration. He reminds Christians of the central message of the birth of Christ and its implications to our harmonious and peaceful coexistence as people of diverse faith.

The Conservator-General uses the occasion to thank Nigerians for their enormous goodwill and support to the Park Service in fulfilling its mandate, especially as the world is currently burdened by a myriad of environmental improvidence ,such as climate change, specie loss, deforestation, desertification,draught etc.

Dr Goni further urges Nigerians and foreigners alike to take advantage of the season to visit Nigeria National Parks as the Parks are our country’s natural heritage and foremost ecological tourism sites.

He therefore appeals to Nigerians to avoid activities that are inimical to our environment, such as deforestation, unguided and indiscriminate bush burning, etc especially at this time of the year as this leads to global warming, destruction of habitat, loss of biodiversity, loss of soil fertility, increase erosion,among others. He notes that the consequences of these to our environment , health and economy goes far beyond the season.

The Conservator-General further wishes Christians a peaceful Christmas celebration.

CP Emmanuel Ntuyang
Service Public Relations Officer


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