Eniola Awokoya

So, this story of Mercy and her latest husband Kazeem be trending everywhere and like everyone else, I’ve been quite unhappy about the whole scenario.

This is because as far as I know, the whole affair didn’t just start now, must’ve been on for years and the coast is now finally clear since the first wife has officially given up on the marriage, hence they’re now public.

Now why am I writing this?

For some time now, a gentlemen has been in my DM on Instagram shooting his shots and saying all the lori iro that we’re already used to.🙄🙄🙄

I decided to go through his page first to know if I should respond or not.

I like to politely decline unwelcome requests because I believe ignoring is rude, especially when consistency is involved.

After seeing few posts and looking at his photo, I decided that it’s totally impossible for this man to be single.

So I started chatting with him and he responded almost immediately. Then I asked him to introduce himself to me, and he did but cleverly left his marital status out of the introduction.

I decided to go straight to the point and asked him; are you married…?

Guess what brethren…?

Mr said….Yes!

Its actually not the yes that got me flabberwhelmed and overghasted😂, but what came after the yes.

MARRIED IN THE US but single here in Nigeria!

Walahi mi o gbo ri😀😀😀.

Its the audacity for me!😂

The audacity to confidently open his mouth to say that and use his fingers to type it.

Quite funny but sad too.

This is how the journey starts…

Sidechick 101.

Then after few years, they will now make use of the generic excuse of ” I am a Muslim and I can marry more than one wife”

Very valid excuse to validate their wickedness and stupidity.

I have always said this and I will stand by it.

Whenever you see a man deliberately, confidently and consistently disrespecting his marriage and stressing out his wife, 90% of the time, another woman is involved.

Sorry, you can’t tell me otherwise.

Because there’s someone else, nothing the woman does will make sense anymore.

Everything she does will be wrong.

Men love peace and comfort and also quite adventurous, so when they need a valid excuse to validate their indiscretion, they start causing chaos at home and turn the woman they once revered into a nag then turn around to claim victim.

“She pushed me outside”

“She is a nag”

“She denies me sex regularly “

“She doesn’t know how to cook”

Bla bla yada yaa!

And what does the African society do…?

Blame her without hearing her side of the story.

Women are guilty by default!

Just be a woman, heck, a female!

That’s all the ingredient of guilt.

Sidechick is now a proud second wife.

Plenty social media posts and interviews later, they remind you that its their personal lives and y’all should mind your business.😂😂

If I didn’t know better, that’s a sugar daddy right there and the man is loaded, from his page, I could see he is into real estate and owns quite a few.

His wife and children are in the US so the coast is clear.

Plus he could be a Muslim too so no shaking.

Few months down and I’ll be here to post about the Grace of God that got me a house in Lekki and a Benz.

Many girls won’t mind!


Heck I’m tired of being in the trenches and I want the baby girl life, yes I do.

Sapa needs to divorce me asap😂😂

But I’ve come too far to do that.

I’m NEVER going to be the reason for another woman’s tears.


I’ve invested too much in myself to stoop so low.

When I eventually post about my material achievements, be assured it will be from proceeds that are Godly and Legal.

If ladies can say NO to married men, the world would be a better place for women.


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