Emmanuel Alfred

The Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic Party(SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo has promised to reform the Pharmaceutical industry if elected into power.

Prince Adebayo, who spoke during the 95th Annual National Conference of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria on Thursday, November 3, 2022, in Jos, Plateau State said that his administration will create a stable environment in order for the pharmaceutical industry to be able to conduct research that will benefit the health sector and the economy.

In his words: “for the pharmaceutical industry to thrive, you need a stable environment where the country has to be secure for investors to be come in and set up structures that will enable research and production of life-changing drugs.”
“The first thing we will guarantee you is stability; your neighborhood will be safe. There will be no riots, unrest, and kidnapping. You will be able to set up concerns from possible research to production, even to dispensation where you have your pharmacies across”.
Speaking further on his plans to enhance the health sector, Adebayo said, “I will ensure that public hospitals, including public dispensaries, are well-stocked and they are up to date.
“I would ensure that after education, professionals will go into private practice and proper training so that the best health care people will be retained by the government.
Prince Adewole said his government will support the pharmacy profession so that it will be self-regulating and have the highest standard of professional training given to pharmacists within the country and internationally.
He said, “Because pharmaceutical field is also an employment both in the public and private sector, we will ensure that you have living wages and people who practice pharmacy do not automatically sign the oath of poverty”.

The theme of the conference was: “Synergizing Healthcare Professionals For Effective Delivery: Nigeria Post 2023 In Context”.


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