By Shilly Pepper

On Friday July 7th 2023, at 07:18 PM, Pastor Poju Oyemade of the Covenant Nation, made a tweet that caused quite an uproar amongst young people on twitter, and on July 8th about 1:13 PM another tweet was made, which felt like a follow up to the first. (My Opinion)

Let’s take a look at both tweets…

“For every one who loves Nigeria you want the country to win regardless of ‘who is playing’.

Just like you want your favourite team to win the trophy even if the coach didn’t field your preferred players, when your team scores you are happy. Let’s stay focused it’s all about the country winning.”

I am not a football fan, so I honestly might not understand this analogy, but in my opinion, I think this scenario doesn’t fit into the current situation in Nigeria. Why? Football is sport and entertainment, played by two teams… And in the last election, we all agree there were three major teams.
The APC-FC, PDP-FC, the young and vibrant team LP-FC, with INEC as the referee. Now, two of the teams are claiming INEC moved the goalposts in a game they were clearly winning, and their “trophy” was given to another.

Now, I understand the part of focusing on the country winning, but we all, must agree that building a COVENANT NATION requires having elections conducted in righteousness and ensuring that the mandate is given to its rightful winner. This is the first step to a win, for a country that truly wants to be a COVENANT NATION, why? It proves to other nations how covenant committed we are. I don’t know where EU election report fits in our integrity as a COVENANT NATION, knowing that it’s expected that justice should be the foundation of such a nation.

Now that there is dispute as to who the winner is, it behoves all covenant pushers to push for the rule of law as a means through which justice should be attained in court. That Nigeria, although far from being perfect, will not allow injustice to be swept under the carpet and a robbery to become a national medal of dishonour to be openly celebrated.

So my response to this tweet is this. Two truths can coexist. We will keep praying for Nigeria to win under this current regime, while we also hope for a miracle, that if indeed a team was cheated out of their victory by the electoral body that allegedly moved the goalposts in the middle of the game, that justice will prevail and their mandate will be restored.

Now, to the second tweet:

“The wisdom of Solomon.
Solomon in his wisdom wanted to find out who the mother of the child truly was. He had a dilemma for the two women claimed the child was theirs. Back then there was no dna test so this could only be solved through unusual wisdom.
Solomon said to bring out a knife and attempt to kill the baby. Whoever truly owned the baby will rather have the baby live even if not with her than to see the child die.
There and then the owner of the baby was revealed for a true mother will rather see her baby live with another than witness the baby crying in deep pain as she bleeds to death under the slice of a sharp knife.

We all are familiar with this story, right from Sunday School in children church. While we all know that this story ends with the baby being returned to her true mother, I don’t know why Pastor Poju’s emphasis wasn’t on the “Happy Ending” but more on the fact that “A true mother will rather see her baby live with another, than witness the baby crying in deep pain as she bleeds to death under the slice of a sharp knife.”

While I don’t want to tie this tweet to politics, I have been around politically inclined people well enough to know a political intent in a tweet when I see one. It is safe to say that Nigeria is the baby whose “mother” needs to be determined. From this story, Pastor Poju acknowledges that there was indeed a theft, and the current fight for a stolen mandate has brought about quite a number of “slices and bleeding” such as tribal war, and we may still see more of that in the coming months.

So my question is this, should the mother who had her child stolen feign happiness just so she can see her child live with another, even though she is aware that the probability of her child receiving the best of care from a strange woman is really low?
Should we, for the sake of peace, allow a mother lose her child to a woman whose careless and nonchalant attitude led to the death of her own child? What is the guarantee that this other child won’t also die in her hands?
Just like Solomon, I hope the court of law which should be the Bastion of truth and justice is given divine wisdom to judge appropriately, the case before them to prove who the mother of this covenant child; Nigeria is, and ensure that the child leaves court with the mother, that alone will reveal the manifestation of the wisdom of God and the place of justice in our judiciary and by extension our nation. Then alone, can we become the nation God sent Pastor Poju Oyemade to make of us, a COVENANT NATION.


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