The National Senior Citizens Centre (NSCC) on Friday, 9th June in Abuja held its 2 years media luncheon to discuss success so far over the past two years and to also appreciate the media partners for their endless support.

The Director General, National Senior Citizens Center Emem Omokaro noted that the purpose of the luncheon is to appreciate the media for magnifying the center’s little efforts by helping the Nigeria citizens to know the activities of the centre is doing and creating awareness of issues affecting older persons.

Media veterans and journalists applauded the DG for achieving so much to promote aging issues and making the elderly very relevant in two years of the Agency’s existence. .

Dr Omokaro welcomed the journalists who are 60 years and above to be part of the NSCC family and assured them of graceful ageing.

She noted that SEC was established by NSCC act 2017 but the board was inaugurated in 2021 to took off it’s mandates.

The DG enlightened that the mandate is to identify the needs of senior citizens and to cater for them, social programs,sport regression, research building data system etc.

She disclosed that the centre is developing a standard operational manual for geriatric social care in Nigeria

The DG made known that so far the centre has ageing desk in 40 MDAs.

From the just launched Continuing Engagement Bureau (CEB), programme NSCC discovered that about 70% of people aged 60 are still engaged.

The Continuing Engagement Bureau (CEB) program will engage sensitization, and advocacy campaigns to secure Job Creation Partnerships and Labour Markets Agreement with institutional partners, MDAs, Organized Labour, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing, Engineering, Agric and Allied, Medical, Legal Services, etc, on engagement of senior citizens.

Highlight of the event was DG’s to award the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for its partnership with the Agency by providing a platform to ensure smooth and easy broadcast of NSCC’s activities to Nigerians and the world at large.


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