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The General Overseer of Christ Foundation Miracle Intl Chapel, Prophet Dr Josiah C.E Onuoha has described the victory and leadership of President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as divinely orchestrated by God and not human capability.

Prophet J. C .E Onuoha said the prophecy and vision about the mystery behind President Tinubu was revealed to him on 1st October, 2023.

In a statement,narrating the vision, Prophet Onuoha notes that the prophecy about Tinubu being in the seat of power of Federal Republic of Nigeria came early in the life of Tinubu when he was 19. – 25 years of age,the time he knew nothing about politics.

“What am about to say now may not please some people, even me saying it,it may not favour me but there is nothing l can do about it,because that is the raw truth from God,psalm 11:3..’there is nothing any man can do when the foundation is fall apart.’

” On 1st of October 2023,when l was having fellowship with God,God brought to me the man called, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and began to open his file to me,Tinubu becoming the President of Nigeria is not by his money,propaganda, capability or action but has been written and ordained by God when he was 19-25years,all the men of spirituals he met that time told him about it.

The statement states that when Tinubu joined politics, initially he didn’t believe, even when the idea of becoming the governor of Lagos state came,he partially have no interest but a friend convinced him and he contested and won that was when he believed that every other things said about him is going to be fulfilled.

“Like play the presidential election was conducted and before you know it,INEC chairman gave him certificate of return as the president, all these things happening is because God is involved,why this message is coming to Tinubu and Nigerians is that people should stop giving glory to people it doesn’t belong to,give Glory to whom it belongs to God,all things happening today is from God,bible says the things of the spirit looks foolish in the eyes of the unspiritual.”

“I don’t know who is Tinubu, if he say everything am saying is lies let him come out and challenge me in public newspaper, but the truth is that l have to deliver this message,there is reason God is bringing this message to Nigerians”

According to him,to stay on track and be effective despite potential distraction to undermine his administration, Tinubu needs to return to God and follows specific set of principles such as clear plan for what he wants to achier,being open and honest in communication, being accountable for his actions among others.

“What am trying to say is that all these Tinubu is going through will die down,it is only God Almighty can say or do anything about Tinubu case ,no human being born of woman can do anything about it.God has fulfilled his promise in the life of Tinubu, whatever he caused or attracted to himself with his hand can fight him,God hand no dey again
“God appointed Saul as king ,Saul used his own hand and dethroned himself, God is not a liar

As it is now,l asked God what is the way forward, people are standing fighting for justice,looking for the right thing to be done,God said where are they when innocent people who saw what was about to happen earlier, some of them who is fighting now joined and destroyed them,killed, jail them and their blood is crying for justice, God said they should go and purge the blood of the innocent they killed, compensate their families both living and dead, that is first action before God will come in.

” let us cry to God and let God fulfill his promise to Nigerians,one day God will decide the case of new Nigeria innocent people will see it but those who vow not for new Nigeria to come may not see it.

Prophet J C E Onuoha notes that God has fulfil his promise in the life of Tinubu,let Tinubu fulfill his own and through away evil advisers that surrounds him,sycophants, liers,l believe God will give him understanding and for new Nigeria it is guarranteed, no going back.

Politics indeed hinges on numbers and strategies, but it also demands a scrutiny of intentions and a consideration of the nation’s welfare above all else.

It is imperative to continue to be watchful and discerning in the face of these political complexities.

“I believe that God may give another understanding, for new Nigeria, but new Nigeria must surely come to pass,

God bless Nigeria
God bless all tribes in Nigeria…

Prophet Dr Josiah Chukwuma E. Onuoha


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