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Durable and magnificent physique Danny Williams rose from relative obscurity and became World ‘s most talked about fighter turned former undisputed World Heavyweight boxing Champion and phenomenal puncher Mike ‘Iron’ Tyson from the Baddest Man on the planet to the saddest. From the opening bell Mike Tyson unleashed series of had shots and came out strong even dominated the the first round .

From the second round Danny “Briton Bomber “Williams with professional record of 31-3 dominated the second rounds till third rounds in the fourth rounds Danny Williams delivered emphatically hard blows and twenty six unanswered punches that make Mike Tyson slid down the ropes the boxing fans that watched the bout was amazed this could be true while blood tricked down Mike Tyson’s eye and unable to rise up was counted out.

The Crowd emptied on jubilation saluting the new king of boxing. British fighter Danny Williams admitted he could barely believe he had beaten former World Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson. With surprise victory in Kentucky. Vastly improved Danny Williams who knocked Mike Tyson out in the fourth rounds with flurry of hard punches to produced greatest upsets in boxing history said ” I feels unbelievable to have beaten a guy I’ve watched for years, adding that the greatest thing of all was that he won when no-one gave him chance.

The second day after the fight Mike Tyson was wheeled out of the hospital with his left knee in a brace flown to Arizona. But Mike Tyson refused to comment but the Manager Shelly Finkell claimed Tyson damaged a knee less than two minutes into the bout Mike Tyson injured his left knee teared a ligament and unable to threw punches for the rest of the fight and groggy Mike Tyson was counted out in 2.51minure of the fourth rounds . When Danny Williams floored Mike Tyson.

He remarked my greatest night I’ll never forget.
Audley Harrison Olympic games gold medalist for Great Britain in the year 2000.
Watched the fight from his base in Las Vegas commented ” Danny Williams has come of age and produced a performance worthy of praise, we all knew Danny gave him the perfect opportunity to showcase his power and strength to the World. I ‘m happy for him, I produced Danny victory he believed in himself and when I saw him walking out, I knew he was going to go for it. No doubt about it.

Danny Williams marked the occasion of the most famous victory of his career by proposing to longtime girlfriend Zoe Browne in the ring.
She accepted without hesitation to cap the perfect night for Danny Williams who credited his victory to his superior fitness.
In your opinion was this fight the best performance of Danny Williams and what are your thoughts?

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About Danny Williams

Daniel Peter Williams (born 13 July 1973) is a British professional boxer. He has challenged once for the WBC and The Ring magazine heavyweight titles in 2004. At regional level, he has held multiple heavyweight championships, including the Commonwealth title twice between 1999 and 2006; the British title twice between 2000 and 2010; and challenged once for the European title in 2003. As an amateur, he won bronze medals at the 1993 European Championships and 1994 Commonwealth Games. Williams is best known for scoring an upset knockout victory against Mike Tyson in 2004.

Boxing record
Total fights86
Wins by KO41
No contests1
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